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These thatched roofs evoke images of exotic locations, relaxation, and casual luxury—and many resorts, hotels, zoos and other businesses want to provide that aesthetic for guests.

Durable, Reliable, and Attractive Thatched Roof Material.

The Endureed Premium Reeds of thatched roof material allows you to recreate the look, colour, and feel of native natural thatches from any region of the world. The top-quality roofing materials are unmatched by any other brand, providing you with an attractive, natural-looking product that stands the test of time.

Designed to resemble gorgeous Alang-Alang grass thatching, this loosely tapered shingle is made with unique reed sizes and diverse colour variations. Traditionally installed with thick Balinese style hips and loose eaves, Bali perfectly recreates authentic island thatching to bring any tropical paradise to life.

This trimmed, coarsely textured and longer reed replicates the beautiful appearance of African yellow grass thatch. A unique colour blend mimics the red, purple and yellow hues of the native grass to capture the authentic style of South African thatching.

Inspired by exquisite Hawaiian Pili Grass, Kona imitates traditional island-style thatching. Made with a unique blend of both wide leaves and smaller grass reeds, Kona creates a beautifully textured, thick, tropical look. Designed for use with an eave wadd, island eave or built-up eave, Kona adds island-inspired beauty to any project.

Capture the breathtaking wonders of Tanzania and create your own African inspired thatch roof. A heavy reed texture and stunning colour blend make Kilimanjaro the perfect material for recreating a traditional weathered, African cape reed roof.

This charming thatch lends itself beautifully to the historic style of thatching commonly found in Europe. A closely tapered shingle with a slightly weathered coloration resembles traditional, hand-trimmed European thatching. Designed for use with our patented eave wadd, Somerset perfectly replicates the quintessential cottage style appearance.

Product Specifications


Eave Wadd:
– Kilimanjaro
– Capetown
– Somerset

Island Eave:
– All designs

Roof Frame Existing deck with waterproofing

– Bali
– Capetown
– Dominica
– Kona
– Kilimanjaro
– Somerset

SS RS Deck Screws
– 11 GA SS RS Roofing Nails





Field Shingle
Hip/Ridge Shingle
Eave Wadd
Eave Bend 2”
Eave Bend 5”
Eave Wadd Corner
Start Shingle

42″ x 14″
14” x 14”
48” x 4”
42” x 2”
42” x 2”
Per Piece
42” x 6”


Eave Wadd Installation

Island Eave Installation

Roof Configurations

As our approach is a creative one, we also have additional possible roofing configurations available.
These are only a few and we are ready to build others based on your creative imagination.

roof config